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msqrt's epic homepage. The main page acts as a web log and the other sections contain my programs and art. If you'd like to comment, find me at IRCnet (look for 'msqrt') or CoolBasic forums('koodaaja' there) or send me an e-mail.

10.11.2013 Okay, once again I leave this site unupdated! Nowadays I'm studying math at the Aalto university and most of my better productions will be released at, I'll try to have the time to update some of the more interesting smaller / side projects here or maybe some new place as well. I'm also probably going to change servers and buy an actual domain and possibly just leave this as is and start using some more sane system to log and publish my stuff.

20.03.2012 It's probably the time to write a new paragraph when the old one has been irrelevant for ages. Not that anyone comes here expecting an update, I guess. Still not going to any demoparties before Assembly or Stream (whichever comes first) but there are a few prods on the way. Awesome prods. (ooh, a wild scrollbar appeared!)

12.08.2011 Feeling down. Hard time with army service. Won't be going to any parties in a while, won't be doing pretty much anything fun for a while. Sucks, but I hope I'll get through it.

23.05.2011 Stream eight. A great party, didn't bring a prod but booze and weather rocked. Already looking forward to next year, got to make a demo that time too.

05.05.2011 Ohh, Revision 2011 is already distant past and I haven't mentioned it here! Was quite a party, had fun, met great people. Only problem was the huge hangover/stomach problems on monday and tuesday, but all in all it was a great event. We even released a small travel/partycoded game there with cce!

29.10.2010 Altparty 2010 last weekend. I even got a prod (open letter) made for it. Placed 11/12 on the main demo compo and 3/3 in the KIDtro compo. On the bright side, there's only one way from here and that's upwards :)

28.09.2010 Yeah, was at Stream Seven last weekend. Nice party with (MF) nice prods.

08.08.2010 Back from Assembly 2010. It was a great party, met a bunch of new cool people and had fun with the old hags. The compos were mostly very nice too.

17.05.2010 Today I got my hands on an electron microscope for the very first time. The object was a platinum laminated spider, I was told it had been killed by microwaves. It was an experience I'll remember for some time - such a high zoom (up to about 8.0*10^5 times magnification) on very detailed geometry. It was also real-time unlike I'd previously thought. Feeled instantly at home zooming and panning around it. I've got to use that thing some more, it's a pity there is only one of them in town.

18.02.2010 Holy shit, IE started showing my page correctly when I changed a single padding-left to margin-left in my css file. Nice.

30.01.2010 Switched my trusty old XP to a Win7. 64-bit, english, Ultimate.

25.01.2010 (2:00 AM) Okay, this bloggy thingy doesn't seem to fit me at all, I'm not good at updating things consistently. Anyways, I've found a graphics artist and we're working on something quite intensively, it's great. Good night.

14.01.2010 I need to relearn to sleep. Last night I slept a bit over 4 hours and the night before that under 2 hours.

11.01.2010 With this new decade and all I actually got some content here. It was actually sitting on the server all the time, I was just too lazy to link it to the page itself :>

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